5 Television characters I wish I was friends with…

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope in PARKS AND RECREATION (Image Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope in PARKS AND RECREATION (Image Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

I love my television friends. Wait, what? Am I really calling those fictional characters friends? Yes I am, and I’m not even ashamed of it. Think about it: why do we love television series? We like them because we recognize ourselves and our own lives in them, we like them because they’re great entertainment, we like them because they make us laugh and cry, we like them because they’re a way of escapism. But we LOVE them because we feel a strong bond with the characters. The characters become our friends. That’s why we are devastated when one of our favorite TV shows has come to an end: our friends are taken away from us. Luckily, we are able to watch series again and again which gives us the opportunity to fan the fire of our fictional friendships.

Below you can find my list of “TV characters I wish I were friends with” and why this is the case…

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) – Queen of Empowerment

Leslie-Knope– For starters, a quote that says it all: “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third”. Leslie put delicious breakfast food and friends on the top of her list.
– She gets things done. As a politician she really wants to change things for the community, and not for personal gain.
– She’s a great role model for little girls (and boys)
– She has ambition
– She invented Galentine’s day: a holiday that honors women friendships. They eat waffles, celebrate their womanly awesomeness and hand out gifts. Ehm hello. Need I go on?
– She encourages and supports her friends beyond limits
– If you need an ego-boost, Leslie will compliment you like only Leslie can. She isn’t afraid of using fun rhymes either. An example: “What’s more cuterus than your uterus?”
– She will fight for you (in a dumpster if necessary)
– She knows how to party and is the cutest, funniest drunk
– Leslie believes in herself and her goals and she doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her. About her experience with community forums: “”These people … care about where they live. So what I hear when I’m being yelled at is people caring loudly at me.”.
– She makes personalized gifts. She is able to do this, because she knows her friends inside out.
– She believed in April and got her a job. April is awesome therefore I applaud this.
– She leaves messages on her voice mail for herself. Weird, but cute and inspiring.
– She does Happy Dances. People should do this more often.
– Leslie Knope for president!

Miranda (Miranda) – Queen of “Such Fun”

Miranda– Miranda’s friends from college call her Queen Kong, but I’ve renamed her into queen of “Such Fun” because she is “Such Fun”! (pronounced in the way her mother pronounces it)
– Miranda and Stevie have such a great friendship. I’m as teeny-weeny as Stevie is, so I often compare myself with her (which makes me Miranda’s bestie. Hell yeah).
– Women can’t be hilarious? Ehm think again! Miranda is the embodiment of hilarious
– Miranda doesn’t only love food because it nourishes her or because of the way it tastes, she also enjoys its possibilities to have fun. I’ll give you an example: Miranda invented a little thing called Biscuit Blizzard. It involves biscuits and a hair-drier. Just watch it. It’s the best game ever (next to penny can from cougar town of course. But that doesn’t involve food).
– She doesn’t only love biscuits, or pie, or muffins, or eggs and bacon, no, she also appreciates fruit. She appreciates fruit to such an extent that she calls them friends and glues eyes on them to give them a more human look. If you haven’t watched Miranda yet and are put off by this, just google Tom Ellis and you’ll know why to watch.
– When you’re out and about with Miranda, you’ll never feel awkward, because she’ll outshine you in ways you couldn’t imagine.
– One of the reasons I want to be friends with Miranda doesn’t involve her as a person, but involves her surroundings: she owns a shop where she sells all sorts of weird stuff I’d want to buy (or receive as a gift). We could hang out in the shop and play with all the fun stuff she sells. And when we get tired (because we don’t enjoy intense physical activities and get exhausted quite easily) we could go upstairs to her apartment and have some tea and cookies. She has a really cozy apartment in which she keeps a lot of blankets and food. I could hibernate there for sure!
– Miranda and her friends enjoy an occasional Karaoke. Pass me the microphone please!
– She’s British. Enough said.
– Being British also involves being overly polite. In combination with her clumsiness this results in a lot of “thankyouvermuchtoyousirverymuchindeedthereyougopleasethankyousorryexcuseme”-moments. Why is this good? She has manners! (and it’s friggin’ hilarious).
– She can laugh with her own embarrassing mishaps which makes it ok for you, as a friend, to laugh along.
– She and her friends have tons of inside jokes. I LOVE inside jokes. I want, no I need to have inside jokes with Miranda.
– She’s not too keen on sports. One of her quotes to prove my point: “I don’t want to be friends with someone who jogs. Go and have a burger”
– What Miranda understands under “act natural” is not what you’d expect. This is fine by me, because I have problems with acting normal and natural. Spasm is my middle name, so let’s act “natural” together Miranda!

Seth Cohen (The O.C.) – King of Sexy Nerdiness

Seth-Cohen– Ok, fair enough, I wouldn’t only want to be friends with him. I’d want to be more than friends, if you know what I mean.
– Seth is into comic books. He’ll even make a comic-book based on you. How awesome is that? Right?
– He’s got great taste in music: I could borrow his cd’s and go to concerts with him
– He’ll make you laugh with his witty jokes, his sarcastic mockery and his awkwardness (king of sarcasm would also be a good title for him)
– He makes up holidays (chrismukkah)
– Awkward situation? He’ll make it more awkward by babbling, which makes it funny, which will make you laugh, and tadaah, no more awkwardness (it’s a gift)
– He doesn’t take himself too serious
– He looks cute in a suit (you want your friends to look good, they’re a reflection of you on the world)
– He owns a pool. One of the many benefits of being friends with a rich kid
– He’s got his own mascot: a play-horse called Captain Oates
– We could mock people who are into sports together.
– Did anyone say roadtrip? Seth will go the extra mile for you and tag along on every crazy adventure you want to embark on

Jess Day (New Girl) – Queen of Quirkiness

Jess-Day– Jess isn’t only a gorgeous creature, she also has great taste. Being her friend would mean: borrowing her clothes & letting her fix my hair (how does she get it this bouncy and healthy??? Ok I know it’s the stylists who do this, but work with me, we’re fantasizing here).
– Jess’ dance moves are awesome. She just gets in the groove and enjoys herself. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. girl.
– I want her to make a song for me that will turn into the jingle of my life (my very own “who’s that girl? It’s Lotte!”)
– She loves dressing up and playing games. Actually, she has never really grown up. She’s a girl version of a very well dressed Peter Pan with great hair.
– You’ll never know which adventures you’ll get into. She might just engage you in her handbell team, or throw you a birthday party in an old schoolbus.
– She has a really absurd and quirky sense of humor
– She’s cute and hilarious when she’s high on pain medication (or just plain drunk)
– She can be a dramaqueen (which is positive in my book).
Some examples: “I’m probably fine… but I also might be dead”, “I’m gonna die alone”, and need I remind you of the puppy-in-a-cup scene?
– When Julia says she’s not really a dessert person, Jess looks at her as if she came from Mars. Who, in the name of the Lord, doesn’t like desserts???
– She has no problems with being her weird self. She embraces her weirdness, even though people keep telling her to act more normal. Don’t surrender sister!

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (The Gilmore Girls) – Queens of Coffee & Pop Culture

Gilmore– I know that this is not one character, but two, but it’s the combination of the Gilmore girls that makes them so awesome. Put oversimplified, Lorelai is the “Wild Child” and Rory is the “Straigh-A’s Student”. They’re a team, they complement each other, they support each other, they’re the awesome Gilmore Girls
– They’ll never say no to cake & coffee (“If eating cake is wrong, then I don’t want to be right”)
– Rory has read everything, so discussing books is always an option. Yay, nerdy activities with my pretty female friend.
– Did anyone say Movie Marathon?
– They can talk for hours. Who am I kidding? They can talk for days. Without stopping (except for an occasional snack)
– Being friends with the Gilmore Girls is like being in a real-life pop quiz. Pop culture is their middle name.
– They say things like “oy with the poodles already”
– They love talking, texting, calling, emailing. I like to stay in touch in such a creepy stalker way as well.
– I hope I’ll get Sookie, Lane, Luke and Paris (and o well, the whole damn town) for free when I order the Gilmore Girls as friends
– If Rory doesn’t want Jess, I’ll gladly take her hand-me-down
– They understand the power of naps. Rory: “Must be nice to nap without feeling guilty”
– They’re loyal to each other and to their BFF’s (Lane and Sookie)
– They’re driven. Lorelai ends up owning her own Inn and Rory becomes a journalist, just like they always wanted.
– Crazy festivities for which you need to dress up as some kind of historic figure, or a painting? They’re there! In handmade costumes! Whispering sarcastic comments!

Wow, I just realized that all the characters I picked make really weird/funny faces. Apparently that’s a feature I want my friends to have…. Dressing up also seems to be high on my list. Being able to make me laugh so hard that I discover abs I never knew I had is a winner as well.

The selection process of the 5 characters who I wish I were friends with was extremely difficult since I’ve seen so many TV shows and felt close to several characters. I know it’s sort of cheating when I throw some additional names of characters I wish I were friends with at you, but I can’t help it (besides, I don’t want my fictional friends to feel neglected). Here are some TV characters who didn’t make my list, but who are also important to me: Pacey (Dawson’s Creek), Bree (Desperate Housewives), Shoshanna (Girls), Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies), Donna Paulsen (Suits), Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks), Gloria (Modern Family), Lindsay Weir (Freaks and Geeks), Ellie Torres (Cougar Town), … (three dots, because I could go on and on).

My sweet fictional friends: you’re the bee’s knees! Don’t ever change! Write me, text me, call me, email me, WhatsApp me, add me on Facebook, join my LinkedIn network, stalk me, invite me to your weddings. Ok I’ll stop now, you get the picture, I’m a true television series freak and I love my fictional friends.

p.s. I would like to thank my real, non-fictional friends for tagging along. You’re also important in my life. Watching series in your company is swell. The other social activities we do are fine too.

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