An Exclusive Interview with Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad and Daily Quirk Blogger Kelsey Murray (Image Credit: Courtney McManus)

Lauren Conrad and Daily Quirk Blogger Kelsey Murray (Image Credit: Courtney McManus)

One June 11th, Lauren Conrad released her latest book, Infamous, the highly anticipated final installment in her Fame Game Series. In typical LC fashion, Conrad launched the book with with style and grace embarking on a five city book tour, where she took the time to meet and greet her adoring fans and talk about the conclusion of Fame Game Series. Daily Quirk Blogger Kelsey Murray caught up with Conrad at her Burlington, MA signing, where hundreds of fans braved an unusual June hail storm to meet the girl we all want to grow up to be (even if we’re already in our twenties), for an exclusive Daily Quirk  interview about Infamous, her LC Lauren Conrad Clothing Line, and what’s next on her perfectly manicured agenda. Read on for the interview!

The Daily Quirk: You wear so many different hats, fashion designer, blogger, brand ambassador – how do you manage your time to write in the midst of everything else?

Lauren Conrad: I don’t know. I don’t have an amazing answer – I just kind of do. I think everything is just scheduled very well. I’m doing something different everyday but I am definitely busy.

Infamous (Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

Infamous (Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

TDQ: How does it feel to finish the third and final novel in your Fame Game series?

LC: It’s good. I mean it’s exciting to finish it and you know it’s a nice accomplished. It’s a little sad because it means I’m done and this was a series I really enjoyed working on.

TDQ: In Infamous, Madison is avoiding the cameras and feels manipulated by the idea of reality television? Is this autobiographical in a sense? Once the Hills expanded to multiple seasons did you feel this way yourself?

LC: Well this is different because the character Madison Parker is actually very different from myself and my views. And I specifically had her start out that way to kind of show the change of someone who really likes fame – who when it turns on them-  has difficulty with it. So I think it’s something that everybody feels. I think it’s less about cameras of the television show your on and more about press. Because they work with you everyday, they know you, they’re emotionally invested in you so they don’t ever want to make you look terrible. They’re invested in your story line as opposed to just making up a headline to sell something.

TDQ: What is the biggest lesson you want your readers to take away from this series in particular?

LC: Honestly, I think that there really just meant to be fun books. For me it was kind of a light hearted way to show a little bit of what goes on in the entertainment industry and obviously things are exaggerated and made up but I just kind of wanted to be light reads.

Lauren Conrad and Daily Quirk Blogger Kelsey Murray (Image Credit: Courtney McManus)

Lauren Conrad and Daily Quirk Blogger Kelsey Murray (Image Credit: Courtney McManus)

TDQ: Will we get to hear more from you as an author? Do you plan on writing a new series or another stand-alone book?

LC: Maybe. I don’t have any immediate plans to do it. Honestly, I’ve spent the last, gosh, I don’t know four years writing and I haven’t really had a break. So I am going to take a little break between this and what I do next.

TDQ: You recently gave readers a sneak peak at your LC Lauren Conrad Summer collection on your site. How would you describe the look and feel of the collection?

LC: We actually don’t do seasons we do deliveries. So it’s actually every single month we do something. So every single collection is a slightly different vibe. For summer, we tend to go a little more casual just because that’s kind of the lifestyle in summer. It’s less going out to dinners and more barbeques. We always do a lot of fun shorts. We did a lot of open work so like crochet pieces. We did a couple of maxi’s that I really liked. So I think the collection is just really easy. It’s very California.

TDQ: What’s the most important summer style tip you can give our readers?

LC: I think that the fun thing about summer is that you’re able to tone things down. Do you know what I mean? You can wear staple pieces that you’ve worn year round but there’s sort of like a cool factor to summer so I think that the way you accessorize is a little bit different. It’s kind of fun to dress down a nicer piece.

TDQ: What is up next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

LC: I am just trying to finish my tour right now. It’s my number one. And I just launched bedding with my Kohl’s line so those are my two big things this month.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Lauren Conrad for taking some time to chat with us on her book tour for Infamous, now available in stores everywhere! To find out more about Lauren Conrad, her books, clothing line, and fashion know how visit

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