Arrested Development will ‘Definitely’ be back for more Bluth Family Fun!

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Image Credit: Netflix)

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Image Credit: Netflix)

Arrested Development fans, rejoice, because director Mitchell Hurwitz has announced there will be a Season Five on Netflix. Back in May, the online video streaming site released all 14 episodes of Season Four as a Netflix exclusive. At the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Hurwitz gave anxious fans exactly what they wanted during a panel.

According to Hypable, when the panel was asked if the show would see another season, Hurwitz replied by simply saying, “Definitely.” As far as the negotiations for the show’s future, Netflix said they wanted the show “in any form.” This could mean that the critically acclaimed show may not just grace computer screens, but possibly movie screens.

Arrested Development takes the viewers to Orange County to follow the lives of the extremely dysfunctional Bluth Family and their hilarious adventures. The show first aired in 2003. After only three seasons, FOX cancelled Arrested Development. even though the show was gaining positive attention from the critics. It just wasn’t getting enough viewers (and therefore not making the network enough money).

Shortly after the show was cancelled, there had been rumors that the network might bring the show back or produce an Arrested Development movie to assuage to angry loyal fanbase. Just when fans had almost lost hope of ever seeing their beloved Bluths again, the show was been picked up by Netflix for the 14 episode Season that is currently available for instant streaming.

Now that we know Hurwitz says there will definitely be more Arrested Development in some form,the question is, what will that form be? It may be awhile before we get an answer to that question, but fans can sleep easier knowing they’ll get more of the Bluth Family one way or another.

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