DIY Pet Pillow by Yellow Brick Home

DIY Pet Pillow (Image Credit: Yellow Brick Home)

DIY Pet Pillow (Image Credit: Yellow Brick Home)

Like most pet owners, I spend way too much time and money on my cats. Technically, they aren’t even my cats. They’re my boyfriend’s. But that doesn’t stop me from spoiling them with toys, constantly taking pictures of them and inserting their names into popular songs.

Thankfully, these DIY Pet Pillows from Yellow Brick Home are a cheap and easy way I can share my love of my kittens with anyone who enters my apartment. Not only are these homemade throw pillows cute, they are also functional (who doesn’t love extra pillows?) and a great way to commemorate your furry friends. You don’t even have to stick to pets! Wild animals, imaginary animals, other people…the possibilities are endless.

No matter what you want to make pillows of, they are sure to be conversation starters anytime you have people over. You can even make some to memorialize childhood pets, and we all know people who would love a gift of their beloved pet in pillow form. You can get the Full DIY rundown for this project over at the Yellow Brick Home.

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