Snowman (Image Credit: Jesse Courtemanche)

5 Ways to Have Fun This Winter

Snowman (Image Credit: Jesse Courtemanche)

Snowman (Image Credit: Jesse Courtemanche)

When the weather outside gets frightful, don’t fret! Although there might be an icy chill or a freezing blizzard outside, it doesn’t mean you are limited to your house this winter. Here are some things to do this winter that might even make you fall in love with the cold, wintry weather.

Get Outside

I know, I know. It’s cold! But there are ways to make the most out of this brisk weather. If you are fortunate enough to have a good amount of snowfall, get outside and go sledding, have a snowball fight, make a snowman! The snow is so much fun whether you are 8-years-old or 38-years-old! Just take a stroll through the snow and enjoy the scenery. Nothing-to me-is more beautiful than a perfect blanket of snow!

Not crazy about the snowy weather still? Go ice-skating! This is the best opportunity to enjoy ice-skating because the season gets you in the mood for activities like this! Take a big group of friends, take your family, take a friend, take a significant other! Ice Skating is enjoyable for everyone!

Enjoy the Sweeter Side of the Season

To me, winter is prime baking season! Peppermint bark, sugar cookies, gingerbread, the list goes on and on! Baking is such a great way to just relax and have fun. A plus for those that want to stay out of the cold, with baking you get to stay in the warmth of your own home but also get a feel of the season with whatever you bake! But the best part of baking is that when you are done (besides cleaning the dishes, which is far from the best part) you get to enjoy what you made and share it with others.

Movie Night

This season is great for movie nights because who wants to trek out into the cold abyss that is winter every single day of the season? It’s so nice to just relax and watch some of your favorite wintertime classics. Set up a fire in your fireplace and just enjoy the joy, laughter, and romance in your favorite wintertime movies.

Ugly Sweater Party

Into crafts? Are you a sweater wearer? Ugly sweaters are so much fun to buy, but even more fun to make! Invite some friends over and have an ugly sweater making party! Ugly sweaters are necessities for winter, so why not put your own personal touch on your sweater instead of going out and buying an already made one! It’s so simple! Go buy a sweater, it doesn’t have to be nice or expensive because remember, the purpose of it is to make it ugly! Get some glitter glue, sparkles, beads, markers, yarn, etc. and design your very own ugly sweater!

Light Show

Holiday lights are always beautiful! I love to drive through a nearby neighborhood that has a competition to see who can decorate their house the best with lights. It is incredible what people can do with holiday lights! One house even syncs up their light show with a radio station’s holiday songs. Take your car out and just drive through a neighborhood like this, take a walk through one, or even take a slay ride. It’s so much fun to see houses come to life at night with holiday lights!

Even though it’s a tad cold outside, this season can still be enjoyable. Make the most out of the activities that make this season so great. Even if I couldn’t convert you to favoring the snow, I hope you all enjoy the fun you can have in the warmth of your home! Happy Winter!


Image Courtesy of Jesse Courtemanche

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