THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR (Image Credit: Mindy Tucker)

VIDEO: An Exclusive Inside Look at ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’!

THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR (Image Credit: Mindy Tucker)

THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR (Image Credit: Mindy Tucker)

Thrilling Adventure Hour recently took New York by storm and The Daily Quirk was honored enough to be invited backstage with the Workjuice Players (and their special guests) during the Thrilling Adventure Hour New York Super Week performance at The Bell House in New York City, where we got to see the magic that is a TAH live performance happen first hand. And as if that was not amazing enough, we sat down with some of the core TAH team the next morning before their New York Comic-Con panel appearance for some in depth interviews. Jealous yet? Don’t be! We’re bringing you an inside look at all of that action in the exclusive video feature below! Want to see more of your Thrilling Adventure Hour favorites? You’re in luck again! The Daily Quirk will be rolling out all of the full length interviews quoted in the feature below (and more!) during our week long Thrilling Adventure Week Event Check back each day this week for new TAH features and to find out more about Thrilling Adventure Hour visit the Official Site!

Reporting by Lauren Gambino | Camera by Shawn Robinson, Sean Torenli, Tara Robinson & Jose Fashen | Production by Nick Slotten | Written Content by Ashley Gebhardt

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