Apple and Cucumber Cooler Recipe by Girl Cooks World

(Image Credit: Girl Cooks World)

Nothing is better on a warm summer day than a light and refreshing beverage. The Apple and Cucumber Cooler by Cate of Girl Cooks World is a healthy and incredibly easy way to quench your thirst. Cate’s been kind enough to share the recipe for this delicious two ingredient wonder with us and I can already hear your taste-buds thanking her!

What You’ll Need:

2 apples, washed and quartered

1 cucumber, cut into several pieces

a juicer

some ice

(Image Credit: Girl Cooks World)

Let’s Get Juicing:

Add your cut apples and cucumber to the juicer and serve your juicy results immediately over ice.

It’s that deliciously simple!

(Image Credit: Girl Cooks World)

Thank you to Cate of Girl Cooks World for letting us share this recipe with you! Girl Cooks World is a great blog featuring recipes for delicacies from all over the world and the best part is they are all Gluten-Free! The blog’s combo of travel and cooking is a great marriage that makes for many yummy treats and entertaining reads. Give Girl Cooks World a visit!

Originally posted May 21, 2012

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