How to Stop Thinking About an Off-Limits Crush


Just like how I was born to write about why I love being single, I am the exact person to write this article about different ways to stop thinking about the crush you can’t date. Why? Because news flash! We live in an imperfect world where not every girl/guy gets the girl/guy at the end of the movie. Otherwise known as… My life.

I seriously cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a crush on someone who I clearly cannot date. I’m talking about everyone from celebrities to people I know IRL. Hell, I’m in that situation at this exact moment and all I can do is side text my friends and rant about how this guy is the perfect guy ever but of course, I have no way in hell of ever dating him.

So, trust me when I say I feel you. It pisses me off that I can’t date someone I’m attracted to. But TBH, will I ever go after them if they’re single too? Nah, probably not. Because I’m a wimp and I’m loving that single life! Let me help you by slipping you some of my secrets on how I stop thinking about the crush I can’t date.

First off, turn to a celebrity. As stupid as it might sound, IT WORKS. I change my celebrity crush as fast as I do my laundry. That’s fast. At the moment, it’s Chris Evans (but it’ll probably be that way for a while) and I’ve got Zac Efron or Nick Jonas floating in the mix too. It makes life even better knowing that at least Zac and Nick are single, am I right?

Second, remind yourself you don’t want to be a homewrecker. This only makes sense if the person you’re after is actually dating someone. Don’t be the reason someone breaks up with their girlfriend or boyfriend. WHY HAVE THAT GUILT ON YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU DON’T NEED IT?

Third, make sure your friends have your back. Have them slap you or give you “the look” when they know for sure you’re flirting or stepping over some unspoken boundaries.

Fourth, stay away from alcohol. LOL, sad but true. Y’all know everyone gets some kind of emotions barking up the wrong tree when you have a little liquid courage in you. This is especially true when you’re actually near your crush, which only leads me back to points two and three.

Fifth, really understand why you can’t date the person. If he doesn’t have a girlfriend (or she doesn’t have a boyfriend), is it because of distance? Is it because it’s forbidden in the workplace? What? Really think about why you can’t date them in the first place and think about whether or not you could actually make it work. For instance, would you really want to move your comfortable life across the country to be happy with someone else you just met for a few days/weeks/months?  

If all else fails, find someone new  to crush on. There’s no faster method than this. If one guy/girl is undateable that doesn’t mean YOU aren’t. You’re a free agent. Do your thing. And, don’t you worry. One of these days, one of your crushes will finally have a crush on YOU. It can happen!

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