Easy DIY Vertical Herb Garden


I’ve never really considered myself Pinterest savvy. In fact, more times than not, my Pinterest projects turn into laughable Pinterest fails. I just accept it as part of my life now, and there is no shame in that. However, not every one of my projects I find through Pinterest fails, and I’m sure you’re wondering how. Well, the common denominator to all the successful ones is my husband.

Yeah, that’s right. He’s an engineering wizard that can help me take my Pinterest projects from fail to hell yeah in about three cuts of a table saw. This is primarily because I’m too scared, and probably too clumsy, to use a table saw on my own. So anything that involves heavy duty work like that needs an extra hand from my husband.

But have no fear! I don’t ever stop looking for cute, unique ways to flex my crafty muscles, and that’s why this super easy DIY Vertical Herb Garden is perfect for haphazard people like me!

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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden by Camille Styles

Fresh herbs are a necessity if you want to make a good meal, but the idea of keeping up with an outdoor garden to maintain them makes me want to grab for packaged and dry from the cabinet. Yes, I could run to the store and buy some fresh herbs, but you really can’t stock up on them because they go bad and gosh can they be expensive (I grabbed a few different herbs for a recipe last thanksgiving and the bill came out to thirty two dollars!). This DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden by Camille Styles is the answer to all my herb woes and I am sure you will feel the same.   Continue reading