What’d They Say? 5 Great Songs with Indecipherable Lyrics

"Work It" Music Video (Image Credit: WMG)

“Work It” Music Video (Image Credit: WMG)

This article is inspired by a YouTube comment. (Great opening, I know.) I was spending Friday night drinking grapefruit seltzer and watching YouTube videos, specifically my new summer jam and best use of the word BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTT of 2016, Panda. (NSFW)

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Top 5 Songs to Get You Through a Breakup

(Image Credit: patronestaff)

(Image Credit: patronestaff)

With Valentine’s Day almost a month away from us, what could be better than a list of songs to belt in your car alone on your way to get greasy fast food in hopes of curing that feeling of emptiness? …No? Just me? Okay. At least I know the people that have gone through recent breakups are in a similar boat as me.

Breakups can be messy and unpredictable. There’s the someone cheated breakup, someone got bored and drifted away breakup, and even the elusive mutual breakup. Whatever your breakup situation may be, here are five songs that might make you feel a little bit better if you sing them at the top of your lungs.

Should’ve Said No – Taylor Swift

Let’s be honest, T Swift is the queen of breakup songs. The fact that I was able to just pick one and not make this whole list just her is pretty impressive. But Should’ve Said No is classic and perfect for anyone that was unfortunately cheated on by their significant other. The entire chorus is perfect and so so relatable. Go ahead and angry cry to this one, friends.

Stay Up Late – This Wild Life

This Wild Life is one my all-time favorite bands and honestly their entire album Clouded is perfect to get anyone through a breakup. I picked Stay Up Late specifically because it’s about making a phone call to an unreciprocated love interest. While I don’t advise that you call the person that broke your heart, this song is beautiful and yelling “YOU DON’T LOVE ME, I CAN TELL” along with the lead singer is beyond therapeutic.

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Just about everybody that knows anything about pop culture knows that Miley wrote this song after her and longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth split. So if you tried everything to make your relationship work but it failed despite your efforts, go ahead and throw on this song and embrace the heartache that it brings. The repeating line, “Don’t you ever say I just walked away/I will always want you,” is especially heart-wrenching.

Go to Hell – Go Radio

Another angry song that’s ideal if your S.O. left you for someone else. The song is sung from the perspective of a note that was left for the other person. The note says, “Go to hell if you’re reading this and I’m not here/Take your someone else and let me make this crystal clear that/That I don’t need your help and I’m okay by myself.” It repeats the line “go to hell” about ten times throughout the song and is the best song for after you’ve moved past the sadness phase and into the anger phase of a breakup.

Fuck You – Sleeping With Sirens

This a cover of the song originally by Cee Lo Green, but the SWS version is just a little angrier than the original. This song is perfect when you’re almost out of the anger phase and close to being over the person and the relationship the two of you shared. But not quite over it yet. Like, it’s been a few months and you feel like you should be over it because your friends are tired of hearing you talk about it but you still want to talk about it. So go ahead and put this song on repeat until it’s easier to keep them off your mind.

Breakups suck. Everyone knows that. So please do yourself a favor and deal with the emotions you’re feeling afterwards. It’s never good to keep emotions bottled up, so go ahead and start crying on shoulders, punching pillows, and singing your heart out to the tunes I picked just for you. We’ll get through this heartbreak together.

5 Benefits of Learning That Instrument You’ve Always Wanted To Play

(Image Credit: Sergey Nivens)

(Image Credit: Sergey Nivens)

Everyone could use a little more music. Heck, I’d go as far as to say without music, life can get…flat. *ba-dum tshh* But, seriously.

Ask anyone: “What instrument do you wish you played?” I guarantee that they’ll have an answer for you.

Then they’ll probably follow it up with, “Bu it’s too late now – I wish I would’ve started learning it when I was younger.”

Don’t let your age stop you from learning that instrument! Sure, you probably won’t be considered a “child prodigy” at this point in your life, but you can still gain all the benefits from learning regardless of what people will call you. I’d call you a “pretty cool dude.”

Plus, who needs to be a child prodigy? Those kids are just a bunch of try-hards! (Unless you are one, in which case, I respect you.)

I started learning how to play drums in seventh grade after getting obsessed with blink-182. I wanted to be Travis Barker (which is probably true for most pop-punk loving twelve-year-olds). And I’m really happy I went after it.

Looking back on my drum-learning experience now, I think everyone who wants to learn an instrument should try to, assuming they have the time and opportunity to do so. You’ll gain so much from it.

Here are just five of the benefits of learning an instrument:

A great and rewarding way to spend your time

It’s euphoric to lose your sense of time while practicing. And when you can feel yourself getting better, there’s not a greater feeling in the world! Not to mention, you feel good about yourself after a practice session; you’re accomplishing something worthwhile.

New friends!

All of a sudden you’ll have a brand new interest to use to connect with people. Imagine how cool it’s going to sound when you say “Yeah, me and some of my musician friends did this.” Trust me, it ups your popularity by at least 10%. Plus you’ll have the ability to start a band or join a band. I did marching band for all four years of high school; some of the people I was in it with are my closest friends and I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for playing drums.

Stress relief

Making music can reduce your stress! Research has shown that playing music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, and lessen anxiety and depression. Along with that, playing an instrument is a great way to make your mind focus on something completely different than what’s bothering you.

Improved patience

Without a doubt, there are going to be instances in your instrument learning that are not all rainbows and butterflies. There will be difficult pieces, exercises, and techniques along the way. However, as you learn, keep a cool head and persevere through the rough patches of your musical journey; you will find yourself gaining an impressive sense of patience. If you could get through that song or exercise, then what can’t you get through?


Yes, being an instrumentalist also makes you smarter. When learning how to play an instrument, many different parts of your brain are stimulated in ways they wouldn’t normally be. These parts, which control your motor skills, hearing and memory grow and become more active. In fact, studies even show that your IQ could increase by seven points!


As it turned out, begging my mom to get me drum lessons was one of the best decision I made. Now I want to start picking up a new instrument: either the piano, or I want to start rapping – yes, the goofy white guy from the midwest wants to rap. But hey, Asher Roth did it. Why can’t I?

And this is the exact mentality I think everyone needs to have when approaching a new art or discipline: All these other people have done it, so I can too.

You got this.

An Exclusive Interview with Actress and Singer Alina Aliluykina

Alina Aliluykina (Image Credit: Isaac Sterling)

Alina Aliluykina (Image Credit: Isaac Sterling)

Seeing musicians collaborate is nothing new but lately we’ve been seeing two completely different genres join forces on more than one occasion. We think it’s awesome, of course. One friendship/collaboration we ship is Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki when they came together to create the track “Back To Earth” which is featured on Aoki’s latest album Neon Future I. Now to accompany that track is a brand new music video that just released in mid-August. Continue reading

What We’ve Been Listening To: August 2015

What We’ve Been Listening To: August 2015

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VIDEO: An Interview with ‘Avengers’ Composer Brian Tyler

(Image Credit: The Daily Quirk / John Michael Dangan)

(Image Credit: The Daily Quirk / John Michael Dangan)

Composer Brian Tyler recently chatted with The Daily Quirk at San Diego Comic-Con just after the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel. Watch the video below as he discusses working on composing Avengers, what he likes to do best when it comes to different genres and the process of scheduling when it comes to composing for movies. Continue reading

Ashleeeybash: Outside Lands 2015 Playlist

(Image Credit: Ashley Bulayo / The Daily Quirk)

(Image Credit: Ashley Bulayo / The Daily Quirk)

It’s August. Wait, what? I feel like I’ve been counting down to this month for so long and we’re finally here. This weekend is San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival and I’m (excuse me while I use my favorite word) SUPER excited for it! Here are my top picks for this year’s festival and I made a playlist for everyone to enjoy! Doesn’t matter if you’re not attending, it’s all good music! Let me know your thoughts below. Continue reading

6 Movies for T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Aficionados

BAD BLOOD Music Video (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Vevo)

BAD BLOOD Music Video (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Vevo)

So, I don’t know about you, but I watched Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video at least four times in the hour after it premiered. Chock full of stars, action, weapons and female assassins, the video was everything I could have ever wanted – except it was only four minutes long. Continue reading

We’re totally in love with ‘Lip Sync Battle’…and you should be too!

LIP SYNC BATTLE (Image Credit: Spike)

LIP SYNC BATTLE (Image Credit: Spike)

Pause your Netflix binge-watching and please direct your attention to one of the best shows to ever exist. I’m talking about Lip Sync Battle. You know how Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will sometimes have a game segment on his show featuring different celebrities going head-to-head lip syncing a song of their choice? Well, now there’s a whole 30-minute television program dedicated to this craft. Continue reading

What We’ve Been Listening To: April 2015

April 2015

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Our New Favorite Earworm: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Theme

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT (Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT (Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

When you’re binge watching a show, you try to save time where you can. Orange is the New Black episodes are nearly an hour long each, thus sometimes we have to sacrifice the wonderful “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor in order save a minute each episode. With 26 episodes in its two seasons, that’s nearly a half an hour you save by skipping the theme song. Continue reading

Seriously Though, Who is Fancy?

(Image Credit: Who is Fancy?/Youtube)

(Image Credit: Who is Fancy?/Youtube)

UPDATE 4/08/15: Fancy revealed himself to be our best guess, singer Jake “Fancy” Hagood, during a performance on the Tonight Show and via a post on Instagram. Read on to find out more about his single “Goodbye” and how we cracked the mystery before the reveal.

A friend of mine recently moved out to L.A. to pursue a career in the music industry, so I’ve gotten quite used to his 3 A.M. texts imploring me to listen to the latest track he’s hooked on. Most recently he sent me a track by Who is Fancy? Called “Goodbye,” telling me it would be my new favorite song. And I must admit, I really liked it. So I jumped on the Internet (like thousands of other people have by this point) to learn more about the intriguingly titled musician, only to find out that there is pretty much no information available. Continue reading

What We’ve Been Listening To: March 2015


Looking for a little something new to add to your go-to playlist? Wondering what tunes we can’t stop playing on repeat? We’ve got you covered! Check out what we’ve been listening to this month for music recommendations from your friends at The Daily Quirk. Happy Listening! Continue reading

10 Unexpectedly Awesome Song Covers

COLDPLAY (Image Credit: Jon Super/Redferns)

COLDPLAY (Image Credit: Jon Super/Redferns)

One of the neatest aspects of the music industry is to watch what happens when musicians inspire their peers. When you have such a unique and diverse array of people who each have their own style, the possibilities for the way one song can be performed are seemingly endless. Sometimes musicians covering other musicians results in disaster, and other times, like when Imagine Dragons recently covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” something truly magical happens. Here are 10 unexpectedly awesome covers! Continue reading